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Memphis is in a state that is surrounded by other states that are looking for a place to unload their drugs. Since this has been the case since drug trafficking became a problem in the United States, the city of Memphis has not been able to escape the drug problem. The illegal substance that has caused the most problems is marijuana, with more people abusing this substance than any other.

Marijuana as a Major Problem

Marijuana is a problem for law enforcement for more reasons than one. Most notably, marijuana appears to be a gateway drug for schoolchildren, but it also affects adults outside of the schools. It does not cost people a lot of money to obtain this substance because there are so many people in the state who are willing to give it away for free. For this reason, many new people become addicted to the substance each month.

The other issue is that people who are taking marijuana are also drinking and driving. A significant number of the DUI arrests in Memphis are of people who have smoked marijuana and had alcohol before sitting behind the wheel.

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Where to Find Help in Memphis

These problems are very serious and need to be addressed in as serious a manner. The drug and alcohol rehab treatment centers in Memphis, TN work to provide the answers that those addicted to drugs need to recover from their addictions. People are abusing marijuana, cocaine, crack, heroin and methamphetamine in this city, and they can receive help for these addictions in drug and alcohol rehab treatment centers.

The first thing that people need to do is detoxify their systems. This means that they are removing the toxins from their bodies that cause them to want to use more of the drugs. The detoxification process can be done in an inpatient or an outpatient facility, but those who have the greatest chances of relapsing may want to consider a residential treatment program.

After the detoxification process is complete, addicts will be able to concentrate on their psychological addictions because their physical addictions will have less of a chance of distracting them from their emotional issues. In inpatient and outpatient programs, addicts will obtain counseling in individual, group and family therapy sessions that will help them remain drug and alcohol-free after they leave the facility.

Those who enter drug and alcohol rehab treatment centers in Memphis, TN will also have access to aftercare programs if they would like to participate.

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