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The state of Tennessee boasts a wide variety of drug use. While legal substances like alcohol and tobacco account for a large part of substance abuse, and even death of the users, marijuana, cocaine and other illegal drugs also come up regularly and in worrying numbers. In Nashville, one of Tennessee's biggest and most well known cities, drugs are a problem that's being combatted by detox and rehabilitation facilities.

Different Facilities, Different Patients

With over 600,000 people living in the city of Nashville, there's a lot of potential for substance abuse, both legal and illegal. And with such a varied plate of different substances, some facilities in the city have begun to offer specified help to focus on a given demographic of substance abusers. Some facilities offer only certain programs, while other may have specific programs on top of more generalized help. What a given facility offers largely depends on its founding purpose, budget, the training and ability of the staff and a number of other factors.

For example, some facilities offer outpatient services, while others offer inpatient services. Outpatient clients come to the center and go through their therapy, and when they've completed that session they go home to their jobs, families and lives. Inpatient facilities offer hospitalization and often a residential portion for rehabilitation and detox. The patient stays at the center, receives care and therapy and completes a program. While these are two, distinct types of program, often facilities may blur the line between them by offering minor hospitalization services, or offering a variety of inpatient and outpatient services for those that need them.

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Choose the Rehab Facility That's Best For You

Like any other medical decision, where to go for detox and rehab in Nashville is a personal one. Clients have to feel comfortable, but at the same time they need to find facilities that cater to their needs, their budgets and their sensibilities. For instance, if a person feels strongly that faith should be a part of the process of overcoming addiction, then a faith based organization might be best. If someone is dealing with severe heroin addiction, then a methadone clinic might be the most obvious choice. However, that doesn't mean it's the only one. Clients need to carefully weigh their options before committing to a program they feel is right for them.

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